Depaul Ireland

Depaul Ireland was established in 2002, as the result of an invitation by local and central government in the Republic of Ireland who were keen to build on Depaul's expertise in the UK in working with people who are homeless. 

It was sponsored by members of the Vincentian Family with the objective of providing similar help and support for homeless and disadvantaged people in Dublin and throughout Ireland.

During 2005 it set up a subsidiary in Northern Ireland, under the umbrella of Depaul Ireland, to support new projects in Belfast.

Depaul Ireland provides accommodation and key services to people who many other agencies struggle to work with: street drinkers, women in prison, families who others have given up on, those with behavioural, self-harm and addiction problems.  It has projects in Dublin and Belfast providing accommodation, outreach and training services to homeless and disadvantaged people.

Over the last 8 years Depaul Ireland has grown from a small Dublin-based charity to become a significant sector leader in addressing homelessnes in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Depaul Ireland reflects this growth and its increasing reach and potential to develop services in both the north and south.

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